Floor Cloths

Floor cloths are pieces of canvas cut and arranged in a way on the floor, which is not only for decorative purposes but also to enable smoother cleaning. Originally made of sailcloth to cover dirt floors, today floor cloths are a great way to beautify a room. They serve the purpose of décor and are also of great aid in cleaning as they have a water resistant, non toxic smooth surface.

Floor cloths have a long history originating in 14th century France where painted oil cloths were used as decorative wall hangings and table coverings. The British took this art form and started the idea of painted canvas for the floor. As floor coverings were not affordable to the common man, cheap canvas was the best option. They were often referred to as “crumb cloths” because of their use under dining room tables. They had the additional bonus of making the floors warmer in the winter. Canvas floor cloths are one of the earliest forms of water-repellent floor coverings. Only recently has linoleum replaced this.

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Today, floor cloths are the solution to all of your flooring needs. They are as flat as the floor, which allows smooth movement of objects across them. They clean up easily due to their smooth surface, which is wonderful for families with pets or small children. They don’t trap dirt or other allergens the way carpets can. They can be custom sized, custom designed and custom colored for each home. They are resistant to mold, bacteria and pests. As a floor covering it offers a water resistant surface that is easy to clean, is hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. They also beautify your floor and can be great pieces of art work that reflects your taste and artistic value.

Hemp canvas is most preferred material for floor cloths. Stencils, stamps are used to create designs. Free hand drawing also exists. Each cloth is individually hand stretched on a wood stretcher and painted. Cloths are sealed using sealer on both sides. Adhesive edges are given to ensure firmer hold upon the floor. This assures that ripples are done away with. Varnish is applied to withstand scratches on the painting. However it wears away after some time and re-varnishing is essential else the art will get mutilated over time.

Floor cloths today are in vogue because of their versatile features that make them the solution of flooring needs. They not only satisfy such needs but also become important pieces of décor.