Floor Heating – A Grand House Warming

Your feet will fall in love with you, if you warm up your house flooring. The thought itself, of walking on a warm floor when it’s snowing outside, is so comforting; imagine what it would be like, in reality? Floor heating has become very popular these days, and many people who are building new houses implement this facility in their plans. But if you think this is a new technology, then you are mistaken, because floor heating has been used since the days of the roman empire .Basically radiant floor heating is used to disperse heat through the floors of the house and this is done in 3 ways. Following are the three ways to do it –

Floor heating methods

Following are the three ways in which you can heat up your floor. Basically these three methods are used –
1. Electric floor heating – Popular in areas only where electricity is relatively inexpensive. It is advisable to use thermal mass like concrete while using electric floor heating.
2. Liquid floor heating – This is done in modern radiant floors with the use of heat bearing liquids like oil or water. A central boiler that heats up the liquid is needed in the house, if you want to implement this heating system.
3. Air floor heating – Air heating systems are least popular because they cannot retain too much heat. They are used only in areas where very little heat is needed.
Thus these are the three basic ways with which you could heat your floors. These systems can heat up any types of floors, whether hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tiles or linoleum. Some floors like the ceramic ones heat up very quickly. Care must be taken, that if wood is being heated, you must treat it because it will crack up otherwise.

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More and more people are turning to floor heating these days because it has added benefits such as the fact they don’t allow dust to particulate into the house. Also they are very silent and do not make any noise. Also climate control is very essential in areas with extreme climatic conditions, and this is a boon to people living in such environments.