Floor Painting – Creative Flooring

Floor painting is a very popular kind of floor designing technique these days. There are a number of possibilities with floor painting, primarily with the color combinations, designs and patterns to be chosen etc. This you cannot do with tiles, as they are pre customized, and designed before hand. You can decorate your home floors with stunning paints and varnishes that will give it a very new and refreshing look. And what’s more, this is one of the most inexpensive ways of flooring too. Before beginning the act you will have to take a few precautions and prepare the surface that you will be painting. Following is the procedure of how you could begin the task –

Floor painting – Surface preparation and precautions

One precaution that has to be taken before beginning the painting is to remove the dust and stains that have been stuck to your floor. Once you are done with this, begin with preparing the surface. Here’s how you could do it –
Sandpaper the surface of the wood, wash it with detergent and water, and vacuum clean the entire area.
Apply a wood/cement primer depending on what your surface is.
Begin painting. If you want a satin finish you could use latex floor paints, while if you prefer a glossy finish you could go for alkyd or polyurethane floor paints.
The paint takes roughly 3 days to dry, so lock up that room and make sure no one goes in there.
Make sure you do not avoid any of these activities, to ensure a long lasting effect.

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Floor painting – Suitability

Floor painting is suitable on two types of floors. Following are the two types –
Cement and concrete floors – make sure that concrete floors are checked for extra moisture before the coating begins. This is extremely important.
Wood or timbre floors – painting wood floors, although inexpensive, tends to get cold in the winter, thus might be harsh for those preferring to roam around bare feet at home.
The surface preparation and painting techniques for these are slightly different from one another.