Floor Rug – Aesthetics And Protection In One

Floor rugs are a very convenient home accessory, because they can uplift the aesthetics of the house as well as give protection from the hazards of the environment like cold floors etc. Floor rugs are available in various sizes and shapes, colors and types in the market, and the designs and patterns used for floor rugs vary from region to region. In fact rugs and durries are a specialty of some regions like Kashmir carpets, which are popular through out the world for their aesthetic beauty and durability.

Thus if you are planning home renovation, do not forget to add at least a small floor rug, which will uplift the décor of your living room considerably. While buying one keep in mind that right size is very important, and so is the weight of the rug, because cleaning can be a very tiresome process, if you have installed a heavy rug that can’t be removed weekly for mopping and dusting.

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Floor rug – varieties and types –

There are many rug and carpet varieties available in the market. Following are some examples –
1. Kashmiri carpets – These are intricately embroidered silk carpets that are known world wide for their beauty.
2. Durries – These are thick rugs woven with big cotton threads. They are hand woven and hundred percent durable.
3. Woolen rugs – These too are thick rugs that are used in cold areas, are woven by hand and embroidered upon. They are a good investment too, and can be sold as antiques.
4. Rubber rugs – These can be used as entrance mats or on the bathroom floors, as they do not get affected by water etc, and are relatively stronger than the other types. Aesthetically they might not be very appealing.
Apart from these there are also many other types and varieties in which rugs are available. Tibetan, oriental and Kashmir designs are very popular, but also very expensive. Simple plain rugs too are available in various colors, and can give a very refreshing look to your home.

You can buy floor rugs online, as there are various manufacturers and suppliers who sell these online and deliver them to your house. You will be charged with the shipping costs, but will be able to choose from a big variety.