Garage Floor Paint Guide

The garage is a place, which gets smelly and dirty very fast, as a result of constant repairs, activities and materials like grease, oil based products used for these activities. Thus a garage needs to be constantly touched up with paint, especially the floor, because the floor space is utilized the maximum. There are many types of garage paints that are available in the market, these days. Following are some types –

Garage floor paint types –

Following are some types that you are likely to come across –
• Garage floor paint coats – These are the latest trend. They have become very popular because they are environmentally friendly. They give a shiny and a sparkling clean appearance to the floor and they are durable, primarily because they are resistant to the damage caused by materials like oil, grease, dirt, alcohol, brake fluids etc. Also it is very easy to apply them to the floor.
• Garage floor paints – Apart from the above-mentioned coating paint, normal garage paints are also available in a number of colors. These are solvent or water based epoxies and penetrate well, primarily because they have 40-50 percent solid base.

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How to do it? – Tips for painting your garage

Follow the steps given, below and you will have a spotlessly clean new looking garage, painted by yourself. This will save you the cost of hiring a painter, which by the way is frightfully expensive.
Before starting the job get hold of the following materials –
1. Paint roller
2. Rubber mixers
3. Paint/Coat
4. Paint brushes
5. Paint stirrer and basecoat mixer
6. A watering can, and a cloth
Once you have these, entire sweep and mop the floor clean and remove the stains. Pour the contents; paint and leave to dry overnight. Give the floor a thick shiny coat, with a color of your choice. There are more than a thousand color combination possibilities, available in the market.


The cost depends upon the brand that you use, but generally it will be 200-300 dollars for 2 epoxy coats. If you have a 500 sq ft garage, you will need roughly 2 gallons per coat of paint.