Guide To Floor Mats

A floor mat is what is used to cover the floor. It is of various types depending upon where it is used and what it is made up of. Its composition and its place of use, its reason of being used there are decided. Specialty mats are designed for practically every atmosphere to increase worker productivity, protect people from health risks, and provide a low-maintenance and durable floor covering.

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Types of mats:
1. Industrial floor mats:
An industrial floor mat has many hefty responsibilities. It eases fatigue in employee’s legs and feet, protects the underlying concrete floor from spills and dirt, absorbs harmful chemicals and oil, and prevents slips. Manufacturing plants might use an industrial floor mat at entrances, beneath worker stations, along high-traffic hallways, or install wall-to-wall flooring to cover the entire space. An industrial floor mat is usually made from rubber or vinyl PVC, but possibly includes other layers of carpeting or cushioning. There are many varieties that depend on the specifics of the industry, so that a floor mat for a welder’s space would be very different from one for a high-volume storeroom.

2. Rubber floor mats
Rubber floor mats offer superb cushioning and support for employees. This increase in employee comfort boosts moral and overall performance. With their durable and lasting surface, rubber mats provide excellent value and quality.

3. Door mats
The “upscale” appearance of our doormats adds to the décor of office buildings, commercial settings and homes. Our high quality mats are easy to maintain, come with long warranties, and are very effective in trapping dirt, dust, and mud. Our door mats eliminate the necessity of unsightly scrap pieces acting as foul weather mats. We have door mats available in dozens of styles and colors.

4. Braided rugs
Hundreds of different types of braided rugs in all styles are available in the market. Braided rugs are great for all areas and surfaces and are offered in assorted colors, styles and size

5. Ribbed Floor Mats
Custom ribbed floor mats, tailored from a high-tech German fiber that is water-resistant and virtually indestructible, these mats are the ultimate protection from harsh sun, water and everyday wear and tear. Each one is edged with an extremely durable vinyl binding that outlasts all cloth or yarns, and features our exclusive heavy duty solid rubber ribbed backing to ensure shift-free performance day after day. Available in Blue, Red, Black, Grey, Tan and Brown.