Guide To Floor Pillow

A floor pillow or floor cushion as it is generally called is an extra large cushion that is used to sit upon, lie upon or relax on the floor. It is used by children for playing games on the floor while sitting or lying down to read a book or even while watching television. They are often used as footrests that are of a height that perfectly help you rest your feet while sitting on a sofa or for accommodating extra unexpected visitors.

A floor pillow can give your living area a great new look without any hassle. The color combinations and the patterns used in floor pillows almost fit any decoration, any style. You can use floor pillows to decorate your living room, your porch or your entrance. Wool, cotton, polyester and chenille are the primary material used to make floor pillows and floor pillow covers. These pillows are plump, soft, comfy and fun. They are perfect for kids, teens and adults and pets.

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Floor pillows are often custom made. This is to match other furniture pieces. Custom floor pillows help give a sense of completeness to the room by repeating fabrics throughout it. Thus a room having a leather sofa will appear more complete with a leather floor pillow that acts as a foot rest or for extra seating by repeating the fabric in the room. They lend a casual look to the room and are generally used in the living room or the bedroom. More formal floor pillows are used more for sitting purposes. They are generally sturdier and firmer and do not flop. They are more rectangular or slightly squarer and used primarily for seating purposes only.

Floor pillows with removable covers are very practical, since the covers can be taken off and washed as needed. These floor cushions usually have zippers but may have other types of closures such as Velcro or snaps. Floor pillows are generally filled with tougher stuffing as compared to sleeping pillows. This is to ensure that the shape of the pillow does not get distorted easily. Bean bags are a form of such floor pillows. These are great for sitting purposes, for playing, for lying and mould to ones posture easily. They are capable of being refilled and are washable.

Floor pillows are popular due to their decorative nature. Since they cost less and take up less space than furniture pieces, they make excellent, inexpensive alternatives for extra seating. They hence form an indispensable part of furnishing.